​Mystic Dance

                                                                   Move Your Body Mind & Spirit 

Every Sunday 10:00 am to 11:30 am 

DJ Dance & Drum w/ Sound Healing 

(Including Holidays)                      $15

What should I wear?

What is Mystic Dance?

Where is Mystic Dance located?

"Move and the way will open."

                                            ~ Zen Proverb

Mystic Dance is in the magical, mystical community of Arcata, California, located along the northwestern pacific coast of California, "beyond the redwood curtain," at Redwood Raks World Dance Studio.  

Who participates in Mystic Dance?

Mystic Dance is for people of all ages and dancers of all levels and styles.  Most people dance solo in freestyle but partner and group dancing, such as contact improv, is always welcome.  

Mystic Dance is a weekly practice in dance designed to move your body through its deepest and most intimate corridors, unraveling and opening to presence, renewal and rejuvenation.  Each week offers an entirely new journey to capture the energy of the moment and release it into the flow of life.   Following your deepest intuition to realize your greatest potential, your movement is your greatest guide.

Dress comfortably in whatever most inspires you to move.  Shoes are typically removed but may be worn if preferred.  Everyone is welcome and you may come and go at any time. 

Vocal Meditations by Mystic Sound